General Manager - English

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English (Fluent)
Depends on experience
Start date:
1 year with view to extension
Asmae Joulali
Call: +31 (0)70 3117822


Looking for an opportunity to be part of a remarkable company focused on teamwork and excellent service?

Then read on.

Our Ghanaian client who is are currently opening up a new office in Rotterdam is looking for a General Manager to join their team. This company provides both on and offshore catering services plus wholesale & retail distribution of fast moving goods. This is a real opportunity to join a team that will help shape their organisation in the Netherlands.

Apply today for your chance to be part of something big.


Job Profile for General Manager
Responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

Principal Function:

  • Determine, articulate and advance the company mission and objectives:
    • Identify important issues related to operations and oversee the development and implementation of plans
    • Enhance the public standing by promoting the company mission, accomplishments and goals to the public and soliciting support
  • Select and oversee the activities of the top management of the company and execute the plan of operations:
    • Review the progress of the managerial staff in reaching goals and objectives
    • Ensure effective organisational planning, implementation and monitoring of the effectiveness of programs and services
    • Oversee the work of committees
    • Approve positions, recruitments, documents and any other major publications that have the potential to affect the reputation of the company
  • Ensure the legal, financial and ethical integrity of the company:
    • Monitor company finances and provide financial oversight
    • Assist in developing the annual budget and ensure proper financial controls are in place
  • Be accountable to the Managing Director for:
    • Working safely, efficiently and with regard for the value of teamwork by exemplary leadership
    • Improving the efficiency of systems, policies, procedures and facilitate the development and implementation of any new systems
    • The efficient and cost-effective management of all aspects of operations (contracts, insurance etc.)
    • Maintaining a good and sound working relationship with the Ghanaian Security and regulatory agencies (police, Ghana standards board, Environmental Protection Agency, Food & Beverages Board etc.)

Quality, Safety, Health and Environment:

  • The efficient implementation of company policy, allocating resources and establishing and supporting the overall quality, safety, health and environmental management standards
  • Duty of care responsibility as an employer to provide and maintain, so far as practicable, safe and healthy working environment
  • Seek and demonstrate continuous improvements in the quality, health and safety performance in the entire company
  • Adequately inform yourself of all applicable Ghanaian laws, acts and regulations
  • Ensuring that senior management, employees and contractors are adequately informed of and understand their duties with regards to health, safety and Environment Policy statement

Human Relations:

  • Display strong organisational, motivational, leadership and excellent communication skills in a manner that would promote the company reputation
  • Understand the objectives of other departments in the company to resolve or make provisions for any conflict of objectives
  • Develop an understanding about the cultural background of all employees and how these cultures can be harmoniously integrated into the workplace
  • Discuss and resolve any human relation problems and issues affecting your employees to ensure positive work environment in the company


  • Ensure any training or skill deficiencies within the company are identified and addressed promptly
  • Participate in training programs that impart a broader knowledge of the company policies and operations
  • Provide training and mentoring needs of your key employees as may be necessary for the continual improvement in the management systems

Practical & Technical:

  • Effective management of the company resources including human and financial to ensure continuous improvement of the management systems
  • Perform or authorise  inspections in quality, safety, health and environment audits to ensure observance of company policies by all
  • Communicate with other senior management to ensure their individual and collective productivity are in line with strategic plans to achieve or exceed targets
  • Monitor changes in legislation applicable to operations in general and in particular to the health and safety of employees and impacts on the environment and to take such steps for non-conformances to be eliminated
  • Investigate or support the investigations of accidents, serious hazards or near misses occurring within the company premises and to take measures necessary to reduce the accident rate

Authority Levels:

  • Initiate policies, plans, projects, annual targets and objectives and directing the company to achieve them
  • Recruit, select, assign, develop and monitor the activities of senior management following the operational, financial and administrative guidelines to ensure all plans are accomplished
  • Authorise and coordinate leave for all workers to the best benefits of the company
  • Authorise all purchases for the company as may be deemed necessary for such endorsement
  • Approve documents, publications and transactions that have a major implication on the company reputation

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Contribution to efficient management systems
  • Maintaining responsible management and behaviour at all times with workers, customers and other external stakeholders
  • Expand your knowledge and skills in line with national or international policies, guidelines and regulations pertaining to your company and operate with uncompromising ethical standards


Candidate Profile for General Manager

  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken
  • A Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • 5-10 years of relevant experience
  • Experience in offshore industry or catering services
  • A driver’s license
  • Exceptional managerial and customer services relationship skills


What Our Client Offers

  • The opportunity to be part of an exciting organisation that is highly regarded
  • Opportunity to shape the organisation in the Netherlands
  • Transportation allowance
  • Clothing allowance